Certified #10 Envelope

Certified #10 Envelope (CME-303)

Our Certified #10 Envelopes are the best quality that you will find. Their durabilty make automated inserting certified mail® easier than ever. The inside tint keeps information inside the envelope unviewable from the outside. In addition to the delivery address window, a second custom window allows the required OCR article number to show through & the third window eliminates the need to print your return address on the envelope. Again, these Certified Mail® envelopes eliminate matching, maintain optimal quality control and are compatible with high volume machines.
Bulk Discounts
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Bulk Discounts
Qty. Price Per 1,000
1M-4M $110.00
5M-14M $107.32
10M-14M $104.76
15M-24M $102.33
25M-49M $100.00
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